Available for hire

Yesterday, the whole engineering team at Pellucid got laid off. I am now looking for new adventures.

My resume is available here on my website. Please contact me at alexandre@bertails.org.

I am open to relocation (almost) anywhere in the world, especially for interesting projects relying on Scala and RDF.

why you should hire me

I am a strong Scala developer with many years of experience and a good background in Computer Science. I love learning new skills and I get involved in Open Source projects, leading banana-rdf. I frequently give presentations (my next talk is at Scala Days San Francisco in just a few weeks) and organize conferences (nescala).

I am a Linked Data expert who worked at the W3C closely with Director Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and gained a thorough and practical knowledge of HTTP and REST APIs. I am also the editor of two major Web standards: RDB2RDF Direct Mapping and Linked Data Patch Format.

Bonus: I have a lovely French accent :-)

what might make a difference

My first interest is in your product and the technologies you use. I am looking for a position where I will bring my expertise to the table but also where I will be challenged.

Then I will look at how you work as a team. I have learned over the years how culture can shape teamwork and I am eager to discuss with you what values and attitudes you encourage and nurture in your workplace.