Finally my own blog

I have finally found the time and the motivation to put together my own blog \o/ I had actually planned to do so for about 10 years, basically since I own… It is not completely ready yet but I prefer to release it now and work out the issues later. Otherwise it would never happen.

Sooo, how does this work? I wanted something as easy to use as possible. So I have settled on Pelican. At least for now. As I don’t want to pollute my environment with Python dependencies, I am using Docker to generate the static version of this website. The project started as a clone of but I quickly rewrote everything, including the Dockerfile. I run Pelican within the container but against the mounted website directory, and I propagate my user from the host to avoid right issues (Docker uses root by default). So I do something like

docker run --name=pelican -d -v `pwd`/website:/srv/pelican-website \
  -p 8000:8000 betehess/pelican

The theme is directly based on Paul Rouget’s website, with few adaptations. Most important ones are the fixed font (Ubuntu Mono) and the greenish colour for the links. I only use 2 templates from Pelican: index.html and article.html. The blog now becomes the main entry point for The previous index page has moved to as I intend to use as my WebID.

My mugshot was taken by my friend and ex W3C colleague Amy van der Hiel. There are very few pictures of me on the Web :-) I cannot remember where the font icons are coming from though :-/

There are no comments at the moment. The reason is that I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I have the markup and the CSS ready though. So it should land here in just a few weeks.

What will you find on this blog? Mainly articles about Scala and Linked Data. I will maintain RSS feeds for those subjects when the time comes.

Stay tuned!